Starfield - Tumbling After Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Tumbling After
  • Album: Starfield
  • Artist: Starfield
  • Released On: 18 May 2004
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Starfield Tumbling After

Tumbling After Lyrics

Tumbling After

The other day when I was driving home
My world was shaken
It occured to me that I had left
To many risks untaken
I'm always sitting here just waiting for the revelation
Is it ever gunna come?

All this searching yet my destiny is still unfound
Makes me realize if this world will always let me down
So it seems the only hope I ever had
Was everything that You are

I'm falling down
Tumbling after You
I'm overwhelmed
Tripping over simple truth
In all I've found
There's nothing that's more beautiful
Then what I've found in You

You could always see right through
The front I'd offer You
Not believing my excuses waiting for the truth
When You could have turned Your back
And walked away from me
You picked me up instead

So I'll turn another page,
And change the way I look at You
And maybe I'll begin to understand
What You went through
Not content to leave me wandering and unaware
You took my hand instead
Ya You lead me to the edge

You're everything that I ever needed
And I wanna believe this time
That You would love me
That You would say I'm Yours

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