Starfield - Natural Disaster Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Natural Disaster
  • Album: The Kingdom
  • Artist: Starfield
  • Released On: 31 Jan 2012
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Starfield Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Lyrics

I cannot be broken
I cannot be tamed
My tongue is a fire and my words are a flame
I will burn and wither
I will stop for none
My will is a drought and my ego the sun

I'm the raging sea
I'm the bending trees
An unstoppable force with a wake of debris
I'm the wind and rain
I'm the loss and the pain
without you, I'm a natural disaster

I will drown the city
I am out for blood
The levee's my conscience, and my pride is a flood
I'm a vicious cycle, always the same
When the storm has passed
Just emptiness and sorrow remain

I'm a natural disaster
I'm a natural disaster, I'm coming on faster
I'm a natural disaster, I'm coming on faster
There's nowhere to to turn nowhere to hide
Nowhere to run, run, run, run

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