Starfield - Outstretched Hands Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Outstretched Hands
  • Album: Starfield
  • Artist: Starfield
  • Released On: 18 May 2004
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Starfield Outstretched Hands

Outstretched Hands Lyrics

Could I talk to you? Are you listening?
Would you let me ask the questions that burn inside me?
I am reaching out, I am holding on.
Feel like one of Your affections, but not quite like I belong.

I am numb today, everything's a blur,
I've seen too much to deny, too little to be sure,
Like a prodigal, like a distant son, I can see You from a distance,
But I'm too ashamed to come


Will You see me through this valley?
Will You hold my outstretched hands?
As the world caves in around me,
Will You help me understand?
Help me understand, help me understand.

Verse 2

I am scared to fall,
Scared to carry on,
Am I losing to the cynic after running for so long?
There's a child in me, lost in mystery.
But its buried underneath the earth, longing to be free.


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Outstretched Hands Lyrics -  Starfield

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