Should've Been Me

Should've Been Me Lyrics

It should've been me with arms open
It should've been me that was torn
It should've been me, I was broken
It should've been me, it should've been me .

Mercy, mercy heard my cry
Mercy, mercy saved my life .

You carried all of my burdens
You took ‘em all to that grave
I know You didn’t deserve it
But You took my place
You traded hope for my hurting
You bore the weight of my shame
I know You didn’t deserve it
And I know it should’ve been me
I can’t believe it .

It should've been me in the darkness
It should've been me that felt the pain
It should've been me brokenhearted
It should've been, oh, it should've been me
But I’m free .

No longer dirty
No longer afraid
I am no captive, I am no slave
No longer guilty
No longer in chains
Hallelujah, I’m free

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