Jeremy Camp - Indestructible Lyrics

Indestructible Lyrics

My flesh may fail me, but my future is secure
These lies may break me down, but one thing is for sure

I will fight again
Find the fire again
For me to live is Christ and to die is gain
I give it all away
‘Cause these worldly things will not be the end of me

I know my soul is indestructible
When I’m standing in Your love
My fear, it turns to dust
I’ve got this hope, and it’s unbreakable
No power’s strong enough
Nothing can overcome
My indestructible soul
My indestructible soul

I’m walking in the truth that life is in Your hands
Knowing You go before me helps me understand

That You’re my defense
What can stand against
I know the darkness has no chance
How You lift me up
Keep my eyes above
And now I’m running free 

There’s no fire, there’s no pain
That can take my peace away
There’s no wall I can’t climb
When it’s You that leads the way

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