Jeremy Camp - Dead Man Walking Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Dead Man Walking
  • Album: The Story's Not Over
  • Artist: Jeremy Camp
  • Released On: 20 Sep 2019
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Jeremy Camp Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking Lyrics

Freedom was something I never found 
Trying to find six feet underground 
Under the weight of all of my sin 
Fighting the fight that I couldn’t win 
Then You rescued me 
Now I can breathe 

I was a dead man walking 
Until I was a man walking with You 
I was a blind man falling 
Until I felt the life You’re calling me to 
Pulling me out of the darkness 
Pulling me out of the lies 
Putting the beat in my heart again 
I was a dead man walking 
Until You loved this dead man walking back to life 

I look for the words but cannot explain 
A new kind of love ran into my veins 
You are the key to all of my chains 
To all that I was now I’m not a slave 
Then You rescued me 
And now I can breathe 

I have tasted and I’ve seen the wonders of Your heart 
I do not deserve a thing, but that’s just who You are 

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