My Epic - Sound and Fury Lyrics

Sound and Fury Lyrics

As the blood flows
from between your teeth
your eyes recoil
from the thing they've seen
your feet take root
and your body goes stiff
now you've fallen to a pile
on the broken cement
and your mirror image brother
can't stop screaming your name
he knows you saw something
and he's slapping your face

we took off down the street
to do what we could
try to hold up your head
just wake up
but you were hissing and moaning
oh god you looked lonely

Take all your fury
and throw it in to the wind
your fire's burning but it's waning
you were barely just born
and you'll soon be dead

Quick, tear your kingdom down
you've built in on another's field
he is a ruthless man
he'll let you build before he steals

You will never know you weren't a king
until your limbs are firmly fastened in their chains

What did you see?
I think I know.
You can't keep living in shadows
and not belong to the darkness

Take all your fury
and give it all to the king
our time is ending, war is coming
and we're all chosin' sides
we're gunna bow either way

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