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  • Song Title: Imagine Me
  • Album: Hero
  • Artist: Kirk Franklin
  • Released On: 01 Oct 2005
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Kirk Franklin Imagine me

Imagine me Lyrics

Imagine me Loving what I see.
when the mirrors looks at me
cause I Imagine me In a place of no insecurities
and I'm finally happy cause Imagine me Letting go of all of the ones who hurt me, cause they never did deserve me Can you imagine me?..

Saying no to thoughts that try to control me
Remembering all you who told me Lord Can you imagine me?
Over what my mamma said and healed from what my daddy did
and I wanna live And not read that page again

Imagine me Being free,
trusting you totally,
finally I can Imagine me
I admit it was hard to see you being in love
with someone like me finally I can Imagine me
Being strong and not letting people break me down
You won't that joy this time around Can you imagine me In a world,
where nobody has to live afraid
Because of your love fears gone away Can you imagine me?
Letting go of the past and glad I have another chance and my heart will dance cause
I don't have to read that page again

The song is dedicated to people like me Those that struggle with insecurities, Acceptance and ever self esteem.
You never felt good enough,
you never felt pretty enough
But imagine God whispering in your ear Letting you know that everything that has happened is now gone

GONE it's all gone Every sin is gone
Every mistake is gone.
Every failure is gone
Depression is gone By faith
is gone
Low self-esteem is gone Hallelujah
it's gone God loves you

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Imagine me Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

"Imagine Me" is a powerful and uplifting song by gospel artist Kirk Franklin. Released in 2005 as a single from his album "Hero," this song resonates with listeners on a deep emotional and spiritual level. It tackles themes of self-acceptance, healing, and finding freedom from past hurts and insecurities. Throughout the song, Kirk Franklin's lyrics invite listeners to imagine a life free from the burdens of the past and to embrace the love and acceptance that God offers.

Meaning and Inspiration:
The song "Imagine Me" is a reminder of God's unconditional love and His desire for us to be free from the chains of self-doubt and insecurity. It speaks to the struggles many people face in their journey towards self-acceptance and finding their worth in God's eyes. The inspiration behind the song stems from Kirk Franklin's own personal experiences and struggles with self-esteem and insecurities.

In an interview, Kirk Franklin shared that the song was birthed out of a place of brokenness and vulnerability. He wanted to create a song that would encourage others who may be going through similar struggles. The lyrics of "Imagine Me" provide hope and reassurance that God's love can heal and transform our lives.

Bible Verses and Themes:
The song "Imagine Me" draws inspiration from various Bible verses that emphasize God's love, grace, and the freedom we have in Christ. Here are a few scriptures that relate to the themes in the song:

1. Ephesians 2:10 (NIV) - "For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."
This verse reminds us that we are God's masterpiece, and He has uniquely created each one of us with a purpose. It highlights the importance of embracing our identity in Christ and recognizing our inherent value.

2. Psalm 139:14 (NIV) - "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
This verse affirms that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. It encourages us to celebrate our uniqueness and to appreciate the beauty that God has infused within us.

3. Isaiah 43:1 (NIV) - "But now, this is what the LORD says— he who created you, Jacob, he who formed you, Israel: 'Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.'"
This verse reminds us that God has redeemed us and called us by name. It reassures us that we belong to Him and that we need not fear or doubt our worth.

By incorporating these biblical themes and verses, Kirk Franklin reminds listeners of the truth that God's love and acceptance are powerful enough to break free from the chains of insecurity and self-doubt.

The Journey to Self-Acceptance:
"Imagine Me" takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing. The song acknowledges the pain and struggles that many people face, encouraging them to confront their insecurities and release them to God.

Subheading: Acknowledging the Pain and Struggles

In the first verse, Kirk Franklin acknowledges the difficulties faced by individuals who struggle with self-esteem and insecurities. The lyrics invite listeners to imagine a life free from the hurt caused by others and to let go of the negative thoughts that try to control their lives. The song recognizes that these struggles are real but offers hope for transformation.

Subheading: Letting Go and Finding Freedom

The chorus of "Imagine Me" emphasizes the importance of letting go of past hurts and embracing the freedom that comes from God's love. It encourages listeners to trust Him completely and to envision a life where they are no longer held captive by their insecurities. The lyrics remind us that God's love has the power to heal and restore, enabling us to break free from the chains that bind us.

Subheading: Embracing God's Unconditional Love

Throughout the song, Kirk Franklin emphasizes the unconditional love that God has for us. He wants listeners to imagine a world where nobody has to live in fear because of this love. By reminding us of God's love, the song invites us to embrace our worth and value as children of God, knowing that we are deeply loved and accepted.

"Imagine Me" by Kirk Franklin is a song that speaks to the hearts of many who struggle with self-acceptance and finding their worth. It encourages listeners to imagine a life free from the burdens of the past and to embrace God's love and acceptance. By incorporating biblical themes and verses, the song reminds us of the transformative power of God's love and encourages us to let go of our insecurities and find healing in Him.

Through "Imagine Me," Kirk Franklin offers hope and reassurance that we can find freedom from our past and step into the fullness of who God created us to be. It serves as a reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God's love has the power to heal, transform, and restore our lives. So, imagine yourself embracing God's love and stepping into a life of self-acceptance and purpose.

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