John Michael Talbot - The Master Musician Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Master Musician
  • Album: The Troubadour Years
  • Artist: John Michael Talbot
  • Released On: 14 Aug 2008
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John Michael Talbot The Master Musician

The Master Musician Lyrics

The master musician
Lifts his calloused hands to play
Upon the strings of the harp of God
A song crafted simply
On an instrument of grace
Making melody for love

And a symphony rises
Like incense from cathedral choirs of praise
And a symphony is sounding
Like poetry from the pages yellowed in time

The master musician
Has studied hours upon end
Note upon note, page upon page
Of the masters come and gone
And now their classic masterpiece
Become his constant friends
Making melody for love


We too are like musicians
Lifting calloused hands to pray
From cloistered hearts and cathedralled minds
We music work with human effort
Responding to God?s grace
Making melody for love


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