John Michael Talbot - Behold Now The Kingdom Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Immanuel / Behold Now the Kingdom
  • Album: Brother to Brother
  • Artist: John Michael Talbot
  • Released On: 01 Jan 1996
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John Michael Talbot Behold Now The Kingdom

Behold Now The Kingdom Lyrics

A multitude followed a Man
A Prophet Who spoke words of wisdom
And they listened tryin' to understand
The paradox of His great truth

He said
Blessed be those who are poor
For you shall inherit the kingdom
Blessed be those who are weak
For you shall inherit great strength

Blessed be those who are children
For you shall be counted as wise
And blessed be the blind man
For you shall see with new eyes

Behold now the kingdom
Behold now the kingdom
Behold now the kingdom
See with new eyes

Blessed be those of
For you shall
Blessed be those
who forgive
For you shall be forgiven

You shall
Only in
to give
And only in dying for others
Can you be reborn to live

Behold now the kingdom
Behold now the kingdom
Behold now the kingdom
See with new eyes

So a multitude followed a Man
A Prophet Who spoke words of wisdom
And they listened yet did not understand
The paradox of His great truth

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Behold Now The Kingdom Song Meaning, Biblical Reference and Inspiration

#### What is the meaning behind the song "Behold Now The Kingdom" by John Michael Talbot?

"Behold Now The Kingdom" by John Michael Talbot is a spiritual song that emphasizes the paradoxical teachings of Jesus Christ about the Kingdom of God. It reflects on the Beatitudes, where Jesus describes the types of people who are blessed in the eyes of God, often contrasting societal expectations. The song highlights themes of humility, compassion, forgiveness, and spiritual rebirth, suggesting that true strength, wisdom, and vision come from embracing these values.

#### Can you break down the lyrics chronologically and analyze their meaning?

The song begins with the image of people following Jesus, eager to understand His teachings. It then moves into the core message of the Beatitudes, stating that those who are poor, weak, children, and blind are blessed. This is a direct reflection of Jesus' teachings that upend worldly values, suggesting that true riches, strength, wisdom, and sight are found in spiritual virtues and not in worldly status.

In the following verses, the song continues to explore the Beatitudes by asserting that those who show compassion and forgiveness will themselves receive compassion and forgiveness. It further suggests that true comfort and the ability to genuinely live come through self-sacrifice and living for others, encapsulating the Christian call to love one’s neighbor.

#### What Bible verses does the song relate to?

The song directly relates to the Beatitudes found in the Gospel of Matthew 5:3-12 and Luke 6:20-22. These passages list the blessings bestowed upon various groups of people who, by worldly standards, might be considered unfortunate or lacking. For example, Matthew 5:3 states, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven," which corresponds with the song's message that those who are "poor" are blessed with the kingdom of God.

Additionally, the song's references to receiving sight and wisdom can be connected to verses like Matthew 6:22-23, which discusses the "eye" as the lamp of the body, suggesting that true vision comes from a pure heart focused on God. The call to compassion and forgiveness echoes themes found throughout the New Testament, such as Colossians 3:12-13 and Matthew 6:14-15, which emphasize the importance of these virtues in the Christian life.

#### How does "Behold Now The Kingdom" use its lyrics to convey its message?

Through its lyrics, the song employs the technique of paradox to highlight the counterintuitive nature of Jesus’ teachings. By stating that the poor, weak, blind, and children are blessed, it challenges listeners to rethink their values and perceptions of strength, wealth, and wisdom. The repetition of “Behold now the kingdom” serves as a refrain that emphasizes the immediacy and presence of the Kingdom of God for those who embrace these teachings. It invites listeners to see the world and their faith through “new eyes,” adopting the perspective of the Beatitudes in their daily lives.

#### Are there any specific parts of the song that directly quote scripture?

While the song does not directly quote scripture verbatim, it paraphrases and reflects the essence of the Beatitudes and other teachings of Jesus. The lines about the blessedness of the poor, the weak, the children, and the blind are all inspired by the Beatitudes. The encouragement to live with compassion, to forgive, and to find life through dying for others embodies the spirit of Jesus’ commandments to love God and love one’s neighbor as oneself, encapsulating the Christian ethos of selflessness and love. Behold Now The Kingdom Lyrics -  John Michael Talbot

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