Unchangeable God Reliable God

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mighty God
hallow be thy name
Faithful God you are worthy to Receive all the praise
you alone are the air that i breath
the song that i sing
you are d lover of my soul
with u there is no impossibility
with u i can move the mountain
whatever u say will surely come to pass
at the mention of your name every knee must bow

oh. unchangeable
unchangeable God
reliable, reliable God
only u can do,
only u can do, what no man can do
what no man can do

unchangeable God
reliable God,only u can do,
what no man can do

There is nothing, absolutely nothing
there is nothing, impossible unto you
you give sight to the blind eeh
no one can deny
your greatness and your power
make me just de wonder
wonder working God i can see u everywhere
touching everyone
removing every pain

Their is nothing, absolutely nothing
Their is nothing, impossible unto you


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19 Comments/Reviews
  • Judy

    Woow,,cant get enough of this 4 days ago

  • Solomon Meshack

    this song is surely in light me that god is unchangeable and realy it is. 1 week ago

  • Ambassador Kenny

    I just thank God for this songs ..it is real very nice ...
    1 week ago

  • Hellen

    Reliable God only you can do wat no man can't do
    This song uplifts my spirit 1 week ago

  • Bro Tony Igwe

    Indeed our God is unchangeable 1 month ago

  • Pastor.Ribert Sunny

    Our God can never change
    Wonderfull song brother 1 month ago

  • Edna

    Woaw this is great 2 months ago

  • Shinel Yunis..

    Anything and everything about HIM is great..He does miracles,He's faithful,He is a wonder working God....yesterday,today and forever he remains the same...HE'S UNCHANGEABLE... 3 months ago

  • Rendani

    Our god can never change,,,unchangable god 4 months ago

  • ShanheL

    Wow what a wonderful and unchanging God.The lord is God 5 months ago

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