Jeremy Camp - Father I Thank You Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Father I Thank You
  • Album: The Worship Project - EP
  • Artist: Jeremy Camp
  • Released On: 04 Sep 2020
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Jeremy Camp Father I Thank You

Father I Thank You Lyrics

The words engrave the pages of my heart
From Your love I know I’m never torn apart
You crashed into my darkness and my doubt
I will always have a reason to cry out

Father I thank You
For this glorious rescue
This moment of breakthrough
Father I thank You

Father I thank You
Cause Your promise remains true
There’s nothing You can’t do
Father I thank You

I’m brought into Your family unashamed
I’m safe forever held by Your embrace
My past is never held over my head
Cause You see me through the blood that Jesus shed

Raised from my broken state
Healed to eternal grace
And You call me Yours

You made a way for me
Drowned fear in victory
And You called me Yours

Your love is now my home
Sorrow’s been turned to hope
And You called me Yours

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