Jeremy Camp - Death Has No Power Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Death Has No Power
  • Album: The Worship Project - EP
  • Artist: Jeremy Camp
  • Released On: 04 Sep 2020
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Jeremy Camp Death Has No Power

Death Has No Power Lyrics

You tore the veil so I could see
The beauty of Your majesty
With blood stained arms You carried me
Into Your love eternally

The empty tomb it heals our stains
The grip of hell will not remain

Filled with Your power I’m standing free
Jesus You are my glorious king

And death has no power over me
I will stand in the wake of victory
So then come what may
I’ll follow all the way
Cause death has no power over me

There’s no chain you cannot break
Nor deepest scar you won’t erase

My sacrifice of praise I bring
Cause Jesus you are my glorious king

The fear of every darkest hour
Is trampled at your feet

The grave it will not hold me down oh death where is your sting

The enemy can’t make a sound
He bows in his defeat

The curse was broken on that day you bled at Calvary

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