Open Up

Open Up Lyrics

Open up, let it flow now 
Open up! 
Out of the mundane 
To where I am ordained 
For things that were made 
We are made from things unseen 
There are realms of glory 
For my world to see 
Dimensions fall only 
In Jesus Christ the son  .

Channels of my spirit, Open up 
I am with the Father, open up! 
No boundaries no limits, open up!
Let deep call unto deep, open up! 
(repeat)  .

Open up, let the river flow now 
(repeat from top)  .

Channels of my spirit(Open up) 
I am with the Father(open up)
No bounderies no limits(open up)
Let deep call unto deep(open up) 
(x3)  .

Out of my belly shall flow 
rivers of living water  .

Channels of my spirit (Open up) 
I am with the Father (open up)
No boundaries no limits (open up)
Let deep call unto deep (open up)  .

Let it flow, flow flow 
Let the river flow 
Let the river flow 
Somebody say(Let the river flow) 
Out of my belly shall flow 
(Let the river flow) 
... .


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  • Blessed Samuel

    I like the song may the love of be with you 2 months ago

  • Oyeyinka Mayowa

    PS 47 vs 7 let deep call unto deep
    7 months ago

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