Cody Carnes - The Vow Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Vow
  • Album: Run To The Father
  • Artist: Cody Carnes
  • Released On: 13 Mar 2020
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Cody Carnes The Vow

The Vow Lyrics

I’m not here for the promise
I’m here for Your presence
In joy and in sorrow
My love will remain

I don’t need all the answers
I just wanna be close
In mourning and dancing
My love will remain

I need nothing but You Jesus
All I’m after is Your heart
Destination doesn’t matter
When the journey’s where You are

Wherever we’re going
Wherever we stay
You have my surrender
My love will remain

If You are the fire
I won’t fear the flame
I’ll burn for You madly
My love will remain

I just want to be
Just want to be where You are
I just want to be
Just want to be with You

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