Kari Jobe + Cody Carnes - Cover The Earth Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me
  • Album: Whispering Hope
  • Artist: Kari Jobe
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2000
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Kari Jobe Cover The Earth

Cover The Earth Lyrics

Verse 1
I’ve seen it before
Felt it before
Peace I can’t explain
Love that won the war
Is here now
Can you feel it now?
Let it cover you

Let the Spirit rise up
Let it break through the walls
And beat down the doors
And crash through the windows
And cover the earth, the earth, 
The earth, the earth 

Verse 2
Bricks won’t hold it in
Lies won’t hold it down
Love will let it out
And we will let it drown
The darkness, the fears and brokenness
Can you feel it now?
Let it cover you

Fear has no choice but to bow
Chains have no choice but to break
Shame has no choice but to leave
In Your presence

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