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We Need You Lyrics + Chords by Brenton Brown

Song Information
  • Song Title: We Need You
  • Album: Adoration
  • Artist: Brenton Brown
  • Released On: 18 Jan 2010
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

We Need You Lyrics

We need you, how we need you, we need you every hour
To know you in your glory, to see your spirit's power
There's healing in your presence, there's mercy where you are
So meet us, won't you meet us Living God

No other God but you, no other God but you
No other God can satisfy
You are our great reward, it's You we're longing for?
No other God but you most High

Each trial and each temptation, each enemy we fear
retreats in resignation when the living God is near
So we kneel again before you, o keeper of our hearts
and we ask for your deliverance living God


We are leaning on your everlasting arms
Lord we know you'll see us through
Great redeemer, be the song within our hearts
We'll have no other God but you....

One day we'll stand before you, when all our sufferings cease
And faced with all your glory, we'll meet the Prince of peace
But jesus in that moment, when every trial has passed
We'll need you, still we'll need you living God


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