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All For You Lyrics + Chords by Brenton Brown

Song Information
  • Song Title: All For You
  • Album: Our God Is Near
  • Artist: Brenton Brown
  • Released On: 14 Nov 2010
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

All For You Lyrics

Saviour all these songs we sing, every word and melody
All of it is meant for You alone
Silent prayers and bended knees, every kind of offering
All of it's intended for Your throne

Jesus this is all for You, Father this is all for You
How Your children long to bless your heart
Lord we've tasted and we've seen, beheld the splendour of the King
How we long to magnify our GOD

Every lifted voice and hand, every woman, every man
All of us have known Your generous ways
Spirit you have carried us, we have seen Your faithfulness
And our hearts are bursting with Your praise

All for You, all for You, all to bless Your heart
All for You, all for You, all for You oh God

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