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A Thousand Generations Lyrics + Chords by Brenton Brown

A Thousand Generations Lyrics

You have been faithful to a thousand generations
Slow to anger, swift to bless
Your hand has guided us through every situation
Your loving kindness hasn't failed us yet

God, You are my God
You are my God
I will live to sing Your praises
God, joy of my heart, You are my rock
You are faithful through the ages

The day will come when every eye on earth will see You
When every heart and every voice will say
That You are perfect in Your wisdom and Your justice
Oh how we long to see that glorious day

Though You may lead us through the valley of the shadow
We will rise to see You face to face
And we will gather with the saints in that great city
Where every sorry will be washed away

You're God of heaven's armies
You're God of galaxies
Valleys rise up to meet You
The mountains bow their knees
Creation stands in wonder
At all that You've achieved
And You have set Your love on me

Always faithful through the ages
You've been faithful through the ages

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