Brenton Brown - Satisfy My Soul Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Satisfy My Soul
  • Album: Satisfy My Soul - Single
  • Artist: Brenton Brown
  • Released On: 08 Jun 2018
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Brenton Brown Satisfy My Soul

Satisfy My Soul Lyrics

La la la, La la la
La la la, La la la

In the valley of tears to the mountaintops
Your river flows into my heart
It awakens my love, it makes me new
It stirs me for more of You
So I'm reaching out for a melody
The Word of God alive in me
Open my life to grace and truth
I'm thirsty Lord, for more of You

Your love, O Lord, has ruined me
For everything but Your glory

I'm running for Your love
Your river is a flood that satisfies my soul
You satisfy my soul
Like nothing in this life
My joy and my delight
You satisfy my soul, You satisfy my soul

La La La La la la

So lead me to the secret place
And show me how to seek Your face
Far more than all I say and do
I'm thirsty Lord, for more of You, God
More of You, God

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