Braille - The Find Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Find (feat. DJ Muneshine)
  • Album: Shades of Grey
  • Artist: Braille
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2004
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Braille The Find

The Find Lyrics

Ohmega watts mega mix, butter milk biscuits for your boombox
old school like tube socks
smooth like a butterfly, sting like a scorpion
how you throwing rocks when your house made of porcelain?
503 origin, originate original
compositions analog or digital, underground or pinnacle heights
we reach, writing rhymes on skylines and shine heavenly
heavy rotation with fly melodies,
flipped fresh, dipped in honey but never sugar coated
sound-scape's change shape but our hearts stay devoted
Wax, reformation, Watts, shock electric
Much, time invested into musical progression
to bring you, the final result laced correct
reflecting a new state of soul that lives inside effectively
translated through music to your mind
an everlasting understanding that we found, it's the find

I rock and bring revolution as the record rotates
earthquake mental states when I drop like nuclear waste
shaking the industry, breaking the mold
a broken jaw won't stop this, speaking truth hard to handle like chop sticks
ha, spitting fire till the place evacuates
saturate my shirt with sweat stains and ashes, we smash it
spiritually everlasting, with uncanny passion
mastering microphones like focus over distraction
setting the tone, bring medicine in a sick flow
rappers biting their tongue like french kissing with a Pit-bull
I'm your host, Braille Brizzy, rocking the beat
it's the find, need I say more, I'll let the music speak

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