Braille - Beautiful Humanity Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Beautiful Humanity (Beat By Ohmega Watts)
  • Album: The IV Edition
  • Artist: Braille
  • Released On: 15 Apr 2008
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Braille Beautiful Humanity

Beautiful Humanity Lyrics

I get down like this on a platter of wax
Manufacture my heart and that's a matter of fact
My grammar and mannerisms, confuse man's wisdom
For the humans in oppression, I'm here to stand with them
Vision for the cataract, counterattack
Fall down, I bounce back, HOLLA, I holla back
Start it like this son, they can't shine like this one
Lyrics in my head and I'm about to spit some
Mission impossible, I'm missing my father now
He passed away, I could have said "Why even bother now?"
Lose my integrity, let the music get watered down
You know my steez, you know the foundation of the sound
I'm working harder than ever on this endeavor
He died from high blood pressure, I don't got a vendetta
I dedicate this to the process of life or death
Walking through the valley of the shadows, taking righteous steps
West coast native, listening to Native Tongues
I stay away from drugs and I don't play with guns
I keep it safe like I stole a base
The Ricky Henderson, learned a lesson from the greats
I wanna make it to the hall of fame without an asterisk
Leave behind a legacy for generations after this
I saw the news and heard about the tragedies
Traveled the world and saw beautiful humanity
Different cultures and nationalities
I love the variety, you be you and I'll be me
We need more U-N-I-T....why
Does racism still exist, stop walking blindly
We need more mercy and more forgiveness
I don't just talk this, I live this
You can visit the west side and witness
You can turn on my album and listen

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