Braille - Double Dose Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Double Dose (Beat By Mr. Mar of the Stieber Twins)
  • Album: The IV Edition
  • Artist: Braille
  • Released On: 15 Apr 2008
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Braille Double Dose

Double Dose Lyrics

You were on top for a while, now where the money at? Your manager dipped out yo, where Money at? The radio ain't playing your singles, now your broke at the casino, playing your singles, one dollar, and tried to gamble with dice, cause you want to be a star but can't handle the mic, you owe a lot of money, got jumped by a gang, lost all your friends so you jumped in a gang, you wanna be down, but you need to stop playing, Homie's a clown, around the way they call him Damon Wayans, Saturday Night performing live, but the crowd don't show cause you got no show, on stage all along with a C-DJ, but we came in the place trying to see DJ's, better get some turntables in here, before I get mad and start turning tables in here, testing one two, microphone check, I get paid to rock a show, that's a microphone check, don't take me serious, it's mostly a joke, beats and rhymes, I hit them with a double dose

Don't worry, I'm done with the double rhyme cadence, now I'm in the kitchen cooking humble pie, "That's my favorite!", I got a slice ready for ya, you can never have enough, trust me it's good for ya, when egos get out of control we gotta check them, pride leads to the fall, gotta watch where your stepping, I make a lot of mistakes and aim for perfection, headed for destruction but changed my direction

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