Braille - Microphone Rush Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Microphone Rush (feat. Manchild of Mars III)
  • Album: Shades of Grey
  • Artist: Braille
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2004
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Braille Microphone Rush

Microphone Rush Lyrics

I can't fight with my fists, I bring spiritual knowledge
I'm not hardcore, but my foundation is rock solid
We're in critical times, criminal minds packing pistols and nines
blasting, speaking lies to the masses, UH
I rush microphones with multiple motives, compulsive doses
of potent truth spoken explosive
high voltage frequencies broadcasted
I'd rather starve to death then feed the beast, yeah, I'd rather take action
sick of seeing my people suffer while the poison gets blasted
through the solar system, (with wisdom) I'm fixing universal damage
it's chaos, we're in a state of global panic
it's safer in outer-space then it is in our local planet
I'm planting seeds for the future, on a daily basis
my crew stands out from the rest like we had alien faces
from a, hidden location, or live in your area
text for the blind, letting my little light shine

ya ya ya you, can feel it in your mind and soul
ya ya ya you, can feel it in your body and bones
ya ya ya you, can feel it all over the globe
when we, Rush, the microphone
we're gonna rush, rush, rush, rush the microphone
braille from Lightheaded rush the microphone

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