Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide - One Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Worldwide: One
  • Album: Worldwide
  • Artist: Audio Adrenaline
  • Released On: 01 Jan 2003
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Audio Adrenaline Worldwide - One

Worldwide - One Lyrics

Four corn-fed boys from the heartland
Brought together for some rock 'n' roll
From Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri & Ohio
Tonight we're gonna put on a show

It's been 12 years, the bus is still rolling
People ask us why we sing

We'll do it twelve more years
From the rooftop screaming
'Til the whole world knows You're King

We're gonna take it worldwide
Take you to the other side
Come on and go for a ride
'Cause we're going worldwide

Cincinnati to Miami, San Francisco to Seattle
From Hollywood to Buffalo
New York to Amsterdam
London, Paris, Vietnam
Tel Aviv to Tokyo
We're gonna go


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