Audio Adrenaline - Seeker Lyrics + Chords

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  • Song Title: Seeker
  • Album: Kings & Queens
  • Artist: Audio Adrenaline
  • Released On: 12 Mar 2013
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Audio Adrenaline Seeker

Seeker Lyrics

Sad eyes, open wide, staring up into the sky
Waiting for a sign of life
Dry as the desert sun, need a drop of water on the tongue
Just to stay alive

They were crying, someone answered
And He's come to fill their empty cup

This is God, Seeker of the lost
And forever father to the fatherless
He's the Hope of the world, every boy every girl
He's the Answer
This is God, This is God

Let down, lonely now, staring out into the crowd
Wondering will a daddy arrive
Every heart, everywhere, needs a hand to hold them
When they're scared in the darkest night

Are you crying, He's the answer
And He will never give you up

This is God
This is God
Father to the fatherless
Defender of the weak

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