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Art For Sale Lyrics

The pagen's haven, the old man's bookstore
The tiniest taste leaves you begging for more
A never-ending battle to be satisfied
Feeds the bellies of the children of lies

Art for sale
Art for sale
Art for sale

Hollywood's rumblin' in a young man's brain
Chasing that dream girl, yeah she'll drive you insane
Billboard beauties high on the hill
A big boss network making his sell with a thrill

A nation painted by corruption lust and lies
Congress plays the pleaser, while America dies
It's time to face the peddler, to put him in his place
Resist the great deceiver, sanctify this wicked race

Pretty picture painted Jezebel
Pretty as the gates of Hell
Pretty as a bird in flight
Pretty as the sun at night
Glimmer, glimmer, fantasy
T.V. blasts my mind away

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