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Melody (Lost Inside The Wonder) by Audio Adrenaline

Song Information
  • Song Title: Melody (Lost Inside the Wonder)
  • Album: Until My Heart Caves In
  • Artist: Audio Adrenaline
  • Released On: 30 Aug 2005
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Melody (Lost Inside The Wonder) Lyrics

For so long I've been sleeping
Dead Inside
In so many ways, so many ways I've tried to hide
But you breathed deep into me Your melody
What was life before You?
I don't remember
I don't remember life that way

I, I get lost inside
The wonder of Your beauty
A melody so sweet I'll sing forever
Of your love

In my ear quietly I hear You sing

And my heart starts to beat inside
The echoes ring
I've lied to You, I've lied to You in so many ways
You say You don't remmeber, You don't remember
You can't remember me that way


So sweet is the sound, the sound of Your voice
So sweet is the sound of Your melody
So sweet is the sound, the sound of Your voice
So sweet


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