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No Place Like Home by Anne Wilson

Song Information
  • Song Title: No Place Like Home
  • Album: My Jesus
  • Artist: Anne Wilson
  • Released On: 22 Apr 2022
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

No Place Like Home Lyrics

Couldn’t wait for Friday, 3PM

You picked me up, we were gone again

Truck tires on a dirt road

Kentucky hills out the window

Didn’t stop ‘til we got to Wilson farm

We were kings and queens, the world was ours

Running wild through the wheat fields

Thinking this is how free feels

Laughing as we go

There’s no place like home


Up to high point mountain we would climb

You’d tell me your dreams, I’d tell you mine

I wonder if you ever knew

How much I was looking up to you   

You played me all your favorite songs

Why you let your little sister tag along

I’ll never know but I’m glad you did 

Wish we were still those kids 


The trouble with time is it won’t slow down

How I wish it would

The trouble with Earth is I can’t bring you back

God I wish I could

But I look up at the stars

When I’m missing you the most

And this aching in my heart is what reminds me

There’s no place like home


I still take the same old Friday drive

Pretend you’re right there by my side

Climb high point mountain without you

But it ain’t the same without you 

Preacher talks about a better place 

Where all our tears will be wiped away

A healing for this brokenness

No more longing for the ones we miss 

But you already know

There’s no place like home


I stopped by to talk to you today

And touch the stone where you were laid

Right next to grandpa’s barn

But I know that’s not where you are

It fills my heart with hope

‘Cause there’s no place like home

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