Anne Wilson - Mansions Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Mansions
  • Album: My Jesus
  • Artist: Anne Wilson
  • Released On: 22 Apr 2022
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Anne Wilson Mansions

Mansions Lyrics

When my world gets heavy
Weighed down by the troubles of this life
I look up to the clouds and daydream about
That sweet by and by
Start thinking ‘bout heaven
I’ve heard the streets are paved with gold
Can’t imagine it ‘cause I ain’t there yet
But here’s what I’ve been told 

In my Father’s house there are many rooms
I’m talkin ‘bout a mansion for me   
And a mansion for you
When He parts those clouds, we’re gonna walk right through
Yeah, heaven’s got a mansion for me    
And a mansion for you

I think about family
The good Lord’s called home before
I can’t help but think that they might be 
Waiting for me at the door 
Gonna be a reunion 
Of all the ransomed and redeemed
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Forever we’re gonna sing   

When we all get to heaven 
What a day that will be
Moving into the mansion
He promised for you and me

When I think about heaven
What I think about the most
Is seeing Jesus’s face, hearing mercy say 
Welcome home

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