Anne Wilson + Josh Turner - The Manger Lyrics

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  • Song Title: The Manger
  • Album: The Manger - EP
  • Artist: Anne Wilson
  • Released On: 28 Oct 2022
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Anne Wilson The Manger

The Manger Lyrics

They’re putting decorations up in front of my old church
The shepherds and the wise men and the hay
There’s Joseph and his Mary lookin’ down at Heaven’s birth
And the angel’s saying don’t you be afraid
It makes me stop and think about how You showed up down here
In a humble bed made of nails and wood 
You could have picked a palace, something more fit for a King
But then the story wouldn’t be as good 
From the highest of the high
To the lowest of the low 
That stable tells a story of the distance You will go 
For the lonely and the lost
There’s no sinner too far gone to find a Savior 
Lying in the manger
There’s a star up in the sky that’s calling all the least of these 
Come make your way to where your hope is found
If I’m honest some days I feel too far out of reach 
But the manger reminds me love reached down
You were carried by a manger and just 33 years later 
By a rugged cross made from nails and wood 
And the tears fill up my eyes, You didn’t have to give Your life 
But then the story wouldn’t be as good

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