Zauntee - Let Your Fire Fall Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Let Your Fire Fall
  • Album: The Stonebrook Project
  • Artist: Zauntee
  • Released On: 28 Oct 2022
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Zauntee Let Your Fire Fall

Let Your Fire Fall Lyrics

I been I been I been waiting for so long, yeah
(waiting for so)
I been I been I been praying to stay strong, yeah
(praying to stay)
I been I been I been hoping for the day, yeah
(hoping for the)
I been I been I been tryna find my way, yeah
(tryna find my)
Tryna find my way back home

I didn’t get it then
I was waiting for a go it’s been a minute man
Long walks through the valley almost quit it then
But God told me I’m just beginning yeah
I’m not finished yet 

So let Your Peace fall in this place, yuh
God I need your grace, yuh
I can see your face
Cause I found you in the wait
So let your Fire Fall
Let your Fire Fall
Let your Fire Fall
Let your Fire Fall, All for you
Watch The Spirit fall like Elijah
The flames is gon’ set the fire
This the planet’s introduction
To the Prophet Zachariah
The best players get the defense
So in my times of weakness
His glory will be magnified to everyone who sees it
Assignments from the enemy’s camp to keep me quiet
I laughed it off and walked the walked the devil is a liar
Christ Him crucified, now I’m sanctified
To stand in front of the crowds and tell ‘em
that He’s alive
We all have stories only we can tell and gifts unique to you
Your survival is proof that others can make it too
Somebody else needs us and they need your story
I used to wanna die till I found out who did it for me, Glory.

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