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I Knew by Zauntee

Song Information
  • Song Title: I Knew
  • Album: Perspective, Pt. 1 - EP
  • Artist: Zauntee
  • Released On: 07 Mar 2018
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

I Knew Lyrics

You should've never count me out
The people's champ, the underdog, the hero
I'm here to save the day
I'mma out work every one of you
'Till I'm at the top
Zealot gang
Seven, seven, seven

Verse 1
I knew this would happen, a reputation takes patience
Perfect practice makes perfect, Jesus told me I'm blameless
This is obsession with excellence, every note, every cadence
Fighting every temptation, cold as steel and I'm stainless
This that world domination, sell like incarceration
You go ham, I go bacon
I will catch what I'm chasing
This is art like a painting
Me and God so creative
Call me Zaphenath-paneah
He told me I'mma make it
After this entrance I'm making
San Andreas, you shaking
I'll take your favorite rappers job and send that boy on vacation
Now his position is vacant, and I am the replacement
The last one that they expected King David
I remember when my family lived in my grandparents' basement
That was back in '03, mama told me I'd be famous
She said that people need the Jesus, and they need someone to save 'em
Dad told me I'm gifted and that I'm destined for greatness
My whole family is praying, the world is watching and waiting
I gave my blood, sweat and tears like it was three easy payments
I will preach on the pavement, to a sea full of faces
Tell 'em Jesus Christ is risen and His grace is amazing
Don't think you hear what I'm saying, I'm so tired of fakin'
I'd rather be faithful and fameless than be famous and faithless
So many lives have been wasted, 'cause they brainwashed these babies
They wanna emulate rappers then they get hit with the cases

They get life now it's over
Like the movie done playing
And the labels don't care
Just as long as you pay 'em
I know that you been through hell
I know that your hearts are breaking
And it's so many problems it's time for somebody to change it

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