Youthful Praise - Now Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Now (feat. James Fortune)
  • Album: After This
  • Artist: Youthful Praise
  • Released On: 27 Mar 2012
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Youthful Praise Now

Now Lyrics

Miracles are on the way;
Breakthrough is here today.
You don't have to cry no more,
All you lost shall be restored.
You just have to keep the faith.

Speak into the atmosphere,
And praise Him like it's already here.
Trust Him and believe,
By faith you shall receive
The blessings God has for you.

And now, let the weak say "I am strong,"
Let the poor say "I am rich,"
I believe He will do it,
So I'm gonna praise Him.
Now, let the sick say "I am healed,"
Let the bound say "I am free,"
He will keep His promise,
So I'm gonna praise Him now.

(Verse - Chorus)

I'm healed... now. I'm free... now.
I'm restored... now. It's done... now.
Repeat several times

Now... (Now...) Now... (Now...)
Yes... (Yes...) I believe... (I believe...)
I believe... (I believe...)
I believe... (I believe...)


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