Youthful Praise - It Pushed Me Lyrics

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  • Song Title: It Pushed Me (feat. Zebulon Ellis)
  • Album: I See Victory (Deluxe Version)
  • Artist: Youthful Praise
  • Released On: 27 Oct 2014
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Youthful Praise It Pushed Me

It Pushed Me Lyrics

Spoken Intro
We got a testimony today!
God used everything we went through
To make us who we are, and we're grateful!
Come on, say it: God gave me a vision.

Verse 1:
God gave me a vision of where I would be,
But he didn't show me what I'd go through
On the journey;
But everything that I faced prepared me
For what God has for me to do.
So now that I'm here, I can praise Him
For all I that had to go through.

What the devil meant for evil,
God used to get the glory.

'Cause it pushed me into my...
It pushed me into my destiny.
God used it to make me
Who He called me to be.

Verse 2:
All of the test and trials
Were a part of God's plan;
They have all made me stronger,
And taught me how to trust him.
That's why my praise is so crazy,
And often misunderstood;
'Cause what the enemy thought would destroy me,
God turned it around for my good.

Pre-Chorus - Chorus

All the trouble, all the pain
Brought me closer to Him
It was good that I was afflicted,
'Cause it made me who I am!


Thank you for pushing me...
Thank you for pushing me... yeah!

'Cause every struggle (It pushed me)
That sickness (It pushed me)
The nights I cried (It pushed me)
And that pain (It pushed me)
Thought it would take me out (It pushed me)
But it pushed me further! (It pushed me)
Now I can say (Now I... can... say!)

Thank you for pushing me
Thank you for pushing me... yeah.
God used it to make me
Who He called me to be!

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