Can't Even Love Myself

Can't Even Love Myself Lyrics

Look into the mirror
What do I see
All the imperfections
That define me
Thought I was a man but I’m still a boy
Everything I am still trying to avoid .

I know the golden rule
Treat another like you want to be treated too
But lately I’ve been hating on myself it’s true
Beat up my heart till it’s black and blue .

How can I love can I love can love you
If I can’t even love myself
I try to hide that I don’t feel worthy
But the truth it will always tell
What you carry always shows
What you bury it still grows
How can I love can I love can I love you
If I can’t even love myself .

Normal conversation seems to get harder
I try to hold my tongue it’s been getting sharper
I’d open up the gate but I can’t find the key
Maybe I’m afraid, afraid of what you’ll see .

I need you to pray for me
I need you to stay here with me
Though I’ve pushed you away from me
Don’t turn away from me


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