Maverick City Music - However You Want To Lyrics

However You Want To Lyrics

(feat. Karen Espinosa & Kendall James) | Family Music

Verse 1
Feels so good to be back in Your presence
This is the place where I belong
Try my best not to take it for granted
When I do I know You love me the same all along 

Your Spirit calling me to higher places
Where your fire falls
Like rain reviving my praises praises 

Come like the wind come like thunder and flame
Burst through the door like heaven untamed
Spirit You just come however You want to
Fill up this room with Your power and might
Like a pillar of fire in the dead of the night
Spirit You just come however You want to 

Verse 2
You're so much better than I could imagine
Why would I ever chase anything else
You meet my prodigal heart with compassion
There's no way to stay the same
Now that I know who You are 

My heart is waiting
For You to move
So open up heaven
I'm waiting for You to come and consumer

Come like a whisper like dew in the night
Subtle and quiet catch me by surprise
Spirit You just come however You want to

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