TobyMac - Yes Yes Y'all Lyrics

Yes Yes Y'all Lyrics

Yes yes y'all nothing less y'all
We keep going to the flow until its fresh y'all
It goes hot y'all so make it hot y'all
We rock the party all day & all night y'all

So is it hype y'all, well alright y'all
We take them hands & put 'em in the sky y'all
One time y'all, get 'em high y'all
Cause we live in the flesh; check the rhyme y'all

Here's a little story I got to tell
About three bad brothers you know so well
It started way back in history
With Joey E, TobyMac & me, T.C.

We had a record label that we call Gotee with GRITS, Out of Eden & Christafari
I made the beats Joey Toby had the plan you know it couldn't fail cause we in demand

Just three lonely Gotee Brothers we'd be all by yourself without nobodies
Son of God gets props for doing all that now; Beatmart's in the house & its like that y'all

Repeat Hook until fade

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