TobyMac - Edge Of My Seat Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Edge Of My Seat
  • Album: The Elements
  • Artist: TobyMac
  • Released On: 12 Oct 2018
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TobyMac Edge Of My Seat

Edge Of My Seat Lyrics

Well I thought that I had seen most everything 
And if jaded was a people, I’d be the king 
So cold to what a brand-new day could bring 
So icy cold to all the wonder that should be moving me 
But then came You 
Hot like June 
I’m jumping out my skin just tryin’ to catch the view 

You got me on the edge 
Got me on the edge of my seat 
You got me on the edge 
I am on the edge of my seat 

Lost all my worries 
Feels like Christmas came early 
Yeah, I could stay here day and night and never feel no hurry 
Needless to mention, Lord, You got my attention 
My eyes are wide with wonder pheenin’ for this soul ascension 
‘Cause no one else is ever gonna do for me 
Ever gonna do for me, what You do for me, yeah 
Ain’t no one ever gonna steal the mystery You put right in front of me 
Right in front of me, yeah 

You are opening my eyes, Lord 
Opening my eyes, Lord 
To brand new possibilities 

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