Rich (Separate Altogether Acoustic) Lyrics

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Rich (Separate Altogether Acoustic) Lyrics

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Now I was born with the nature of a driven man
If I could dream it I could reach it, gotta thank my Dad
And when the odds are against, step up and knock it to the fence
Push away all the doubt that is coming at ya
Who could blame me
For trying to reach your stars
And who could blame me
For trying to top those charts
I’ve always heard dead presidents can’t buy love
And all the riches of the world ain't ever gonna be enough

Now I know I’ll have my critics
But I’ma step up to the mic and admit it
Said I know I'll have my critics
But I’ma stand up and admit it

I wanna be rich
Oh I wanna be rich
I wanna move on up see just how sweet it is
I wanna be rich in love, rolling deep
Loaded in friends and family
Rich, Lord I wanna be rich
So let’s stack it up

From diverse city to Bruno Mars
I rock stadiums, arenas with superstars
I never leave my box behind
Cuz wherever I go gets funktified
Now let’s take this thing just a little bit deeper
A Mr. Talkbox double feature
I treasure what’s above
Cuz there ain’t no stopping love

There’s never been a man on his deathbed who said
I wish I’d taken more meetings, cut tougher deals
Spent more time spinning work wheels
No man has ever said that or ever will
The only thing I’ve heard a man say
As it all fades
Is I should've spent more time with the ones I love
That’s what I should've done
If I could buy back time that’s what I’d do
I’d be the richest man you ever knew
Shoot, I’d be the richest man you ever knew

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