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Gotta Go by TobyMac

Song Information
  • Song Title: Gotta Go
  • Album: Welcome to Diverse City
  • Artist: TobyMac
  • Released On: 08 Oct 2004
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Gotta Go Lyrics

(Toby:) Yeah, hello
(Reply:) Yo Tob, what's up?
(Toby:) A whole lot
(Reply:) What you doing?
(Toby:) Hangin' with Truett, tryin' to make music, hustlin' Gotee, I'm getting no sleep -
Yo, uh, you mind if I call you back next week

I gotta go, I'm 'bout to do a show
Can't take the stress wanna give you my best, Lord
I can't sing with this hanging over me
But the show must go on, Lord, set me free

(Toby:) Hello
(Cupid:) Yo Tob, what's up?
(Toby:) Too much
(Cupid:) What you doing?
(Toby:) Same as yesterday, I'm here with John Reuben
(Cupid:) Yo, tell him I said 'hey'

(Toby:) What's your name?
(Cupid:) Yo, it's Cupid
(Toby:) Cupid?
(Cupid:) Yeah man, I gave you a demo, on the cover there's a halo
(Toby:) Uhhh yeah, I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.
Yo, could you hold on dude, my wife is beepin' in.
Baby, I know I'm s'posed to be home at 6, I'm just finishing this mix - they're burnin' me a disc.
I got some dude named Cupid on the other line. I love you ... baby?
(Cupid:) Yo T, uhh, it's still me man
(Toby:) Oh

Sorry, I'm not much for conversation
I need some time with God and a mental vacation

TOBYMAC can't get to the phone.
Please leave a message after the tone.
I'm just a little man tryin' to fit in God's plan

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