Drivin' Me Lyrics

I missed the mark play it off like a rim shot 
Put the pedal to the metal in a gridlock
Went up an off ramp on the 405
But it made me feel so alive
I would never call me a together guy
I would never say I ain’t ever lie
But I’ma make it right by the end of the night 
Cuz me and God, we stay kinda tight

Whoa, Whoa
Don’t matter if it’s Timbuktu 
Whoa, Whoa
I’m rollin with you

From the dawn and oh the morning, Lord you’re drivin’ me 
When I’m dreaming in the evening, keep on drivin’ me
Every twist, every turn, that this crazy world brings 
From the dawn and oh the morning, sun or storming, keep on drivin’ me 
Drivin’ me, drivin’ me, yeah
So keep on drivin’ me, drivin’ me, yeah

Just fake it till you make it that’s what my Daddy said
But he never factored in such a hard head
Ask anybody in the music biz 
I be driving people crazy with my drivenness 
But You’re opening my eyes to a better way
Two steps, cross em up, take em in to pain 
Look em in the eyes and throw the lob 
And let the big man go and finish the job 

Whoa, Whoa
West side to Kalamazoo 
Whoa, Whoa
I’m still rolling with you 

This open road has opened up a new heart
Lovin every minute of this fresh start 
I don’t ever want to put this thing in park
My life’s in Your hands 
You’ve got the wheel
Navigate the way this slow reveal
And keep on, keep on, keep on drivin’ me

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