The Williams Brothers - Be There Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Be There
  • Album: Greatest Hits Plus
  • Artist: The Williams Brothers
  • Released On: 30 May 2001
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The Williams Brothers Be There

Be There Lyrics

god said i'll be there for you, hold you in my arm and rock you through the storms of your life (2x)

said your dealing with some things,thats causing you pain,you know that you can call me,yeah, i gave you my word that your cry would be heard, don't hesitate to call me.oh i'll be there


i'll be there for you hold you in my arms and rock you through the storms of your life.


oooh though your mountains high, and your valleys low,i'm waiting on you to call me, ooh through the worst of storms, your safe in my arms,get down on your knees and call me,i'm gonna be there.

repeat chorus

storms my rise,winds may blow,i got your back and i want let you go,although it may get rough don't ever give up, i'm on your side,said i'm right here by your side..

i'll be there(4x)
i'll hold you(4x)
i'll rock you (4x)
i'll comfort you (4x)

be there, hold you, rock you, comfort you, (2x)

be there (9x) ad lib and fade

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