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Smoke and Mirrors by The Belonging Co

Song Information
  • Song Title: Smoke and Mirrors
  • Album: Awe + Wonder (Live)
  • Artist: The Belonging Co
  • Released On: 13 Sep 2019
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Smoke and Mirrors Lyrics


(feat Henry Seeley)

Words and music by Casey Brown, Mia Fieldes, Andrew Holt, Henry Seeley 

I’m gonna find my victory

Surrendered in the battle

I’m gonna speak to what’s unseen

Tell it all to unravel

Here, now, let Your power pull down fear

The darkness shakes, the shadows shiver

My God is stronger, greater, bigger

This is faith, seeing clearer

The enemy’s only got smoke and mirrors

Oh, Oh

My God is stronger greater bigger

Oh, Oh

The enemy’s only got smoke and mirrors

I might have nothing in my hands

But I’ll raise them to the ceiling

Believe the hardest circumstance

Holds my freedom and my healing

Here now let Your power pull down fear

I’m free I’m not afraid 

‘Cause I’m lost in praise

I’m lost in praise 

I’m shaking off the chains

‘Cause I’m lost in praise 

I’m lost in praise

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