Fall Afresh

Fall Afresh Lyrics

Let this be a place
Where You long to come
As we make a way, for Your love
Let these hands be clean
And this heart be pure
Blameless as the Bride, You're coming for .

It's the power of Your presence
That changes us
Your glory all around us
And we're undone
You open up the heavens
And fall afresh on us .

Let this be a house
Where You long to stay
Every will You meet us, face to face
Abandoned here before You
We want nothing else
Than just to be with You, and You alone .

Holy Spirit; fill this heart again
Holy Spirit; burn like fire within

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Bible Verses for Fall Afresh

Deuteronomy 32 : 2

My teaching is dropping like rain, coming down like dew on the fields; like rain on the young grass and showers on the garden plants:

Exodus 34 : 10

And the Lord said, See, this is what I will undertake: before the eyes of your people I will do wonders, such as have not been done in all the earth or in any nation: and all your people will see the work of the Lord, for what I am about to do for you is greatly to be feared.