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Fall Afresh by The Belonging Co

Song Information
  • Song Title: Fall Afresh
  • Album: All the Earth (Live)
  • Artist: The Belonging Co
  • Released On: 08 Sep 2017
  • Download/Stream: iTunes Music

Fall Afresh Lyrics

Let this be a place

Where You long to come

As we make a way, for Your love

Let these hands be clean

And this heart be pure

Blameless as the Bride, You're coming for

It's the power of Your presence

That changes us

Your glory all around us

And we're undone

You open up the heavens

And fall afresh on us

Let this be a house

Where You long to stay

Every will You meet us, face to face

Abandoned here before You

We want nothing else

Than just to be with You, and You alone

Holy Spirit; fill this heart again

Holy Spirit; burn like fire within

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