The Belonging Co - Prize Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Prize
  • Album: Awe + Wonder (Live)
  • Artist: The Belonging Co
  • Released On: 13 Sep 2019
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The Belonging Co Prize

Prize Lyrics

Prize (feat. Andrew Holt)
Words and music by Austin Davis, Andrew Holt, Lauren Strahm 

Verse 1:
Little by little
I’m seeing Your glory
As I look into Your eyes
Moment by moment
I'm living to know You 
And I'll leave all else behind

In a world living upside down
You turn it right side up
You turn it right side up
Nothing better than the love I’ve found
I’m dancing in Your light 
I’m dancing in Your light

‘Cause nothing else 
Can satisfy
You are the prize 
You are the prize
You’re all I want 
For my whole life
You are the prize 
You are the prize

Verse 2:
Jesus forever
I want Your presence
What compares to who You are
Nothing can stop me
I’m chasing You only
God I'm clinging to Your heart

I’ll follow You anywhere You lead
You are the treasure that I seek 
Jesus, You’re everything I need, oh 

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