I'm Never Alone

I'm Never Alone Lyrics

Speak Lord cause I don't know what to do 
Speak Lord take away the pain I'm going through  
Speak Lord cause I feel like I gave up on life 
I know that Your word is all I need Lord 
To give me strength to survive  .

I'm desparate for You 
I'm thirsting for You 
I depend on only You 
To tell me what just to do 
And I lift up my eyes to focus on You 
Cause I know with You all things are possible 
I feel safe when I am in Your hands  .

I'm never alone when You're with me 
I'm never alone 
I'm never alone cause You will protect me 
You are my savior 
You are my healer 
You are my defense 
I will trust You .

You are my shelter 
You are my strength 
With You all things are possible 


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