Sonnie Badu + Darwin Hobbs - Jesus Kasa Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Jesus Kasa (Live) [feat. Darwin Hobbs]
  • Album: Soundz of Afrika
  • Artist: Sonnie Badu
  • Released On: 21 Sep 2016
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Sonnie Badu Jesus Kasa

Jesus Kasa Lyrics

If we never felt your touch on earth 
What would we do?
If we never see your hands on earth
What would we say?

Speak to my heart
Talk to my soul
Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus

Speak Lord
Lord speak Lord
Lord speak to me 

Yɛhia wo abrɛ nyinaa, fa wo honhom no bɛhyɛ yɛn ma
We need thee every hour; come fill us with your Spirit Oh Lord

Yɛhia wo abrɛ nyinaa, fa w’ahoɔden no bɛhyɛ yɛn ma
We need thee every hour; come fill us with your might

Kasa na yɛretie wo ooo
Speak for we are listening to you 

Ɔbɔɔ adeɛ wo mma retwɛn wo ooo
We wait on you, our Maker 

Kasa na meretie wo ooo
Speak, for I am listening

Ɔbaatanpa, anwumerɛ yi yayɛ aso ooo 
God of compassionate , we waiting on you 

Jesus kasa, kasa, kasa ooo, 
kasa ooo, kasa, kasa  
na yɛretie wo 

Bue m’ani, ma menhunu wo
Open my eyes that I may see you

Bue m’aso na mentie w’asɛm
Open my ears that I may hear you

Hyɛ me mma na menyɛ w’adwuma
Fill me that I may do your will

Honhom kronkron, bɛtena me mu
Come dwell in me, Spirit of God

Yesu de me gyaa wo
You are my Comforter

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Jesus Kasa Lyrics -  Sonnie Badu

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