Shei Atkins - Lord I Love You Lyrics

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  • Song Title: Lord I Love You
  • Album: Girl Talk
  • Artist: Shei Atkins
  • Released On: 16 Oct 2007
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Shei Atkins Lord I Love You

Lord I Love You Lyrics

Vs. 1:
Lord I'm here available to You.
Giving You my all whatever You say I'll do.

My heart's wide open when it comes to You,
my actions will follow that I might please You.

Lord I give You praise as my hands all raised.
With my lips I'll bless You for the rest of my days.

Lord I love You so much that I will live for You.
My life belongs to You, only You, cause I love You just that much.

Vs. 2:
When I was sick, You made me well.
When friends turn their backs on me,
Lord You were right there.

When my heart was broken, You made it whole.
Lord I'm so in love with You that I can't let go.

(Repeat Pre-Chorus 2x)

(Hook) (2x)

I love You, its the name of Jesus that has brought me through.
You've been so good, every blessing that I have its because of You.

(Hook until end)

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