Shei Atkins - I Got Shot Lyrics

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  • Song Title: I Got Shot
  • Album: The Lita Mae Show
  • Artist: Shei Atkins
  • Released On: 29 Apr 2008
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Shei Atkins I Got Shot

I Got Shot Lyrics

What you bout to hear right now is a true story

I got shot one time
See, I got the scar to prove it
I use it in my line (line)
All the rappers do it
Born and raised out that 4-4
Paint dripping up off my door
Down south we like it slow
Houston, Texas about to blow 2x

Holler at me mayne, its that girl Shei
Its the ghetto princess Lita Mae
Acres Home 44 born and raised
Acres Home 44 where boys don't play

People want to turn me out since I got saved; I got 'em all scared like "what she finsta say?"
Whoever said I wasn't a threat, better watch what you say. I'm Ludacris with this, the number one spot said Shei.

I'm cold in the booth, I'm real in the booth, I'm raw in the booth, my life is the truth.

I got shot one time in my back with a nine bullet came right out man, I promise I ain't lying

I got the scar to prove it, fought the war to do this; got to let the world know that God brought me through this.

And want to pull my cord but Crazy C made me use it
Then I thought to myself: all the rappers do it

Repeat Hook 2x

Now back to the time when I said I got shot (shot)
Chilling, chilling in the hood, in the hood on the block (block)
It never crossed mind that I could have got killed and now that I'm saved; I don't have to live in fear

I have to give it up to God that I'm still here, my daddy wanted to go and shoot him in the ear (ear)
"I'm a make him hear mine",
''But daddy he just playing"
"Anybody wit a gun, pssh, be for real"

Daddy calm down, you making a mistake
Cause if you lay 'em down you gone belong to the state
And I need you daddy, I love you daddy and when I get a Grammy I'm a hook you up daddy

Momma you too for holding it down
Four kids under one crib, never broke down, since I grew up in the hood they said I'd always be down
But God said different so look at me now

Repeat Hook 2x until end

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